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Tish Davidson
Tish Davidson, Writery

The key to good race calling and storytelling is to see the conflict, build the tension and then knock 'em dead with the release. - Tom Durkin, horse race caller and essayist


I write books and stories, and publishers pay me for them. Sometimes this still surprises me. I never intended to become a writer. When I was small growing up in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, I wanted to be a polar bear. That didn't work out, so I became a biologist. But after earning a bachelor's degree from the College of William and Mary and a master's degree from Dartmouth College, I discovered I was all thumbs in the lab. Laboratory research was definitely not in my future.

In my first "real" job, I discovered that a lot of people don't like to write. But I've always loved putting ideas on paper. Every job I've ever had became a writing job. When I worked as the quality control director at a vegetable cannery, I wrote everything from reports for the Food and Drug Administration to responses to customer complaints. When I worked as a teacher at a training school for nannies, who wrote the school newsletter? You guessed it. Me. Then I was asked to write a newspaper column about games and another one about parenting. Finally I just gave up and became a full-time professional writer. Over the past twenty years, I have written everything from restaurant reviews to true-life stories to mysteries to textbooks.

To date, I have published twelve books. The most recent one, Vaccines: History, Science, and Issues, (Greenwood Press) explains the science behind vaccines, how they work, and why they are controversial. Writing this book gave me a chance to share my fascination with human biology in non-technical language high school students and adult can understand. A second book, The Anti-Vaccination Movement, is scheduled for 2018.

Most of my books are nonfiction books for young people. Two of them, Prejudice and Facing Competition (both published by Scholastic) were selected as California Reader Notable Books. The book I most enjoyed researching was African American Scientists and Inventors (Mason Crest). A close second in terms of interesting research was Global Trade in the Ancient World (Mason Crest).

I also write fiction and have been published in the California Writers Literary Review, and The Chabot Review. I and have recently finished an adult mystery Doggone Dead. [preview link here] and am at work on a sequel, Dogonne Hot. In my non-writing time, I volunteer for Guide dogs for the Blind, cook, garden, and read. I recently traveled to Costa Rica and Panama and am planning a trip to Hong Kong to visit family.

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