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Tish Davidson
Tish Davidson, Writery

The key to good race calling and storytelling is to see the conflict, build the tension and then knock 'em dead with the release. - Tom Durkin, horse race caller and essayist

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Doggone Dead: A Nan Heitman Petsitting Mystery

After losing her job as Director of Delectables at a Silicon Valley startup, Nan Heitman returns to her hometown of Corville, New Jersey, to start a petsitting business. She’s prepared to cope with puppy poop, crazy cats, ravenous reptiles, and cantankerous clients. But can she survive a body in the kitchen? Nan and her young friend Loveleen must untangle a web of lies and corruption to find the killer to save Nan’s business.

The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Since 1796, when Edward Jenner developed a vaccine against smallpox, vaccines have saved at least 4 million lives each year. Yet vaccines have met with resistance from religious leaders, politicians, and ordinary citizens. The Anti-Vaccination Movement explores how vaccines work, why vaccines are feared and rejected, and how the modern anti-vaccination movement affects public health. The Anti-Vaccination Movement will help you understand the vaccination controversy and will give you information to make informed decisions about this vital public health issue.

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